Rafael Salazar ~ Artist Provocateur

Rafael Salazar ~ Artist Provocateur
Creative Thresholds – Living Borders

Rafael Salazar ~ Artist Provocateur
by Rafael Salazar

Published on the Creative Thresholds – Living Borders a WordPress blog from Melissa D. Johnston.
CT explores the creative potential of borders, boundaries, difference, and limitation. It’s a playground for multiple genres and diverse points of view. And like any good playground, it provides space for more than one person to have a good time. So I have friends here as well, contributing quirky, serious, playful, innovative, eclectic, and imaginative work.

April 28, 2016

Geometric Line – Into the Future Series 2016
I’m Playing with Colors and Shapes in a more Geometric Fashion where Space and Color have Light to Create the Perfect Balance of Sensuous and Serene Harmony. The Yin and Yang of the Future…

3 D Sculptures-Digital Sculpture Series 2016
My original sculptures were the basis for this new 2016 series. They’ve been digitized and given a whole new look, into the future. My marble sculptures translated into 3D… A Musical flow of Colors and Lines as Fluid as the originals.

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